Omar’s Success Story

About 7 months ago I was lucky enough to find baby Omar. A three week old kitten with a severe upper respiratory infection. He was on the brink of death and not eating. I spent the first night with him calling every vet I could in the Cincinnati area, attempting to find any help I could get to save his life.

omar 1

My first night with Omar

By morning I finally took my search to the road with Omar asleep on my chest. Thinking that maybe if a Vet could just see how bad his condition was he would find some way to let me pay in monthly increments. I finally found Noah’s Ark animal clinic, where they got me in contact with a cat rescue who would take him off my hands.

He needed hydration and severe antibiotics. His eyes were so swollen that he couldn’t open them and they were crusted shut. After meeting a woman from the rescue she assured me he would be in good care and that she will call me with updates. I left thinking his hard journey was over and he could finally find his fur-ever home.

omar 2

Little Omar Sleeping at the Vet

But I got a phone call two hour later. The rescue told me Omar had FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and she could not take him because he could possibly infect the other cats she has rescued. She asked me to take him back after his treatment if I did not, than the most likely outcome would for them to put him down.

So that night I picked him back up. I had to give him anti-bionics every 4 hours, eye drops every 11 hours, and feed him every 3 with a mixture of cat milk and a high protein soft food.

omar 3

The little bed I made him that he wouldn’t sleep in.

For the next 3 weeks I raised him from near death. Never before have I loved such a pain in my ass. He had to sleep next to my head every night, cried when I left the room or when he couldn’t hear me.

omar 4

I used a unity scarf to carry him around so I could have free hands.

Finally after about 4 weeks he opened his eyes for the first time and the swelling when down on his eyes. He was playing like a kitten and eating without me forcing him.

Omar 5


Soon he had enough energy to start getting into trouble. Jumping on the counter, messing with the dog, and attacking feet. My mom finally told me I wasn’t allowed to find him another family because he was part of our family.

omar 6

Omarian Oliver Taylor

Omar 7

And today he is 7 months old. My big boy. I am one proud cat mama.

omar 10

Omar thinks he is people. (5m)

omar 9

My 7 month old baby.

Thanks for celebrating Omar’s Success Story with me!


Insecurities of a 13 year old girl.


This is me now. Almost 22 years old. I’m not perfect, especially not skinny, but I think I am beautiful in the most humble way possible. It took almost ten years for me to find myself. Today, while at work, I did some thinking and came across a memory I had put away with the intent of never discovering it again. The first time I realized I was overweight and how people treated me because of it.
I was 13 and I was in a middle school gym class. I was sitting down during a free day close to a bunch of preppy teenage girls. They were all laughing having fun. I was sitting alone. I remember one of the girl wrapped her hands around her thigh and stated, “Look! I can touch my fingers around my thigh.”
The other girls did the same thing, rejoicing in their thinness, and laughing. I wanted to try but I was too embarrassed knowing I couldn’t.
I felt gross and uncomfortable in my own skin, and thus started the chain of insecurities I had struggling with.
It was a long road, but I’m stronger because of it.
This is just a small post to celebrate beauty in every form, and to let everyone one know you aren’t alone. You aren’t the only person hiding their hate for themselves. It is possible to love yourself despite your faults and there are people who support you in that journey!