Ranch and cheese breaded Tilapia

This is just a quick post of one of my favorite recipes.
I love fish, but without mixing it up every now and then it can get boring! So here is my favorite Tilapia recipe.

Put about a half a cup of panko bread crumbs in a mixing bowl.
A half a cup of sharp cheddar cheese.
And mix in ranch until you get a clumpy constancy.
Cover the top of two fillets of prepared Tilapia.
Warm the oven to 425F, and cook from 13 to 15 minutes depending on if they fillets are frozen.



Insecurities of a 13 year old girl.


This is me now. Almost 22 years old. I’m not perfect, especially not skinny, but I think I am beautiful in the most humble way possible. It took almost ten years for me to find myself. Today, while at work, I did some thinking and came across a memory I had put away with the intent of never discovering it again. The first time I realized I was overweight and how people treated me because of it.
I was 13 and I was in a middle school gym class. I was sitting down during a free day close to a bunch of preppy teenage girls. They were all laughing having fun. I was sitting alone. I remember one of the girl wrapped her hands around her thigh and stated, “Look! I can touch my fingers around my thigh.”
The other girls did the same thing, rejoicing in their thinness, and laughing. I wanted to try but I was too embarrassed knowing I couldn’t.
I felt gross and uncomfortable in my own skin, and thus started the chain of insecurities I had struggling with.
It was a long road, but I’m stronger because of it.
This is just a small post to celebrate beauty in every form, and to let everyone one know you aren’t alone. You aren’t the only person hiding their hate for themselves. It is possible to love yourself despite your faults and there are people who support you in that journey!

Checkmate Feminist: One


I like discussing difficult subjects. Mostly because I have a strong interest in the thoughts of others that are different than my own. I believe that if I am going to talk about my own ideologies than it only seems fair to listen to the other side.

I just wish I heard something more than the same old arguments against feminism and it seem that feminism has grown in controversy on the internet. You have been heard internet people, I understand that you believe that feminism is all about hardcore lesbianism and man hating agendas.

I would like to address one of these arguments now.

First, fema-nazis. Okay, I get that females that get defensive about you holding open a door for them is annoying. I would be annoyed too. But comparing an entire ideology to the same people who committed the crime of mass genocide in death camps is not necessarily the best way to combat extremism. There is extremism in almost every belief.  Can we have an honest conversation for a second? What does an extreme feminist do that compares to a nazi? I would honestly like to know because if there is a death camp somewhere torturing men in the name of feminism, I swear I will never call myself a feminist again. Isn’t fema-nazi just a little dramatic?

There is all this talk about feminism stemming for the idea that they are victims of a patriarchal society. Could it possibly be people who complain about feminism act like victims of feminism. Since when has victim-ism ever become a reason to not change. Think about the founding father thinking, “Hey, we are just being weak little victims, we should just give ourselves back to Britain.” That is not how societal changes work. So calling a feminist an over-reacting victim of a patriarchal society isn’t doing much for Anti-feminism. An Anti-feminist should probably also not point fingers because ironically, calling a feminist an overly emotional fema-nazi isn’t making their own stance on feminist any more level headed.

Have you found the one?


Probably not. As of 2013 there are 7 billion people living on earth and the chance that there is a person out there that is your soul mate is pretty slim because the reality is, no relationship is perfect. In fact, I am exhausted by all these Facebook ads that link you to articles listing the “31 traits of a perfect couple” or “10 reasons they are the one for you”. It’s all a bunch of bullshit!

Honestly, by clicking the link you get two things from the article:

First, raped by a shit ton of ads. I mean, seriously?  You can hardly see the background of the webpage because there are so many ads. It’s disgusting.

Second, by time people click their way through the article, they have found ways to fit their relationship into every reason the article listed. No matter the reason, they have somehow managed to cut their relationship into the perfect size to fit into a list of attributes for the perfect relationship. Why? Because no one clicks on the link thinking, “I’m going to find faults in my relationship.” They do it to re-enforce the idea that they belong together! Cue the Titanic theme song, because that’s what they want their relationship to be, a disillusioned idea that whether or not they really have a relationship, that they belong together.

It’s not romantic if you think about it, especially not realistic. I find that in my own relationship, being with someone who chooses to be with me despite my many faults is far more romantic. Compared to being with someone who is with me simply because they like the idea of our relationship.

Here is some real relationship advice, communicate. If you don’t like something your partner is doing tell them. Talk it over. Even if it is small. Then give it time, if they agreed to change their actions then, great! Stay with them. If not, they made a choice not to change, so you need to make the choice if their actions are something you can move past. If you can’t move past it, you probably don’t need to be in that relationship because all you are going to do is drag out the enviable end of the relationship.